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About Live Youth Sports


Live streaming high school and junior high sports across the country. Watch Live Youth Sports from your mobile phone or laptop.

Live Youth Sports was created to give an internet platform for live-stream of all junior and high school sports.  Live YOUTH SPORTS Network plans on a national campaign to link school systems to our network by offering a percentage of the revenues as a “fundraiser” for the school’s athletics.

We believe this collaboration between the schools and our network will benefit all parties involved by letting traveling parents, grandparents, scouts, coaches, alumni watch and support youth athletics in their area they choose. Live Youth Sports will market locally and nationally to bring in a broad viewing audience.

The CEO and founder of Live YOUTH SPORTS Network (LYSN) is Shane Jones,  an entrepreneur with a family that fits right into this target market group. Shane has operated numerous start-up companies across the country.

Shane and his network  have raised over $15 million in seed money for various small and mid cap companies.  He also has been a consultant to over 20 companies on how to go public and different ways to raise capital, along with exit strategies for investors. Shane is married and has 4 children and resides in Longwood,. FL. (Contact Shane)

President of Live YOUTH SPORTS Network (LYSN), Brian Rosenbloom,  has 30 years experience in marketing and business development. He was instrumental in creating and taking public several small companies and has worked as CEO, CFO, and Vice President of Sales.

The senior advisor Steven Burhoe, Ph.D. is a professor of Entertainment Business at the prestigious Full Sail University in Orlando, FL. Full Sail (fullsail.edu) is a vocationally oriented “Real World” education institution that trains individuals for a profession in entertainment from show production to audio recording to video production to game design.